Since transwoman Lia Thomas won the women's swimming, people are beginning to question whether this is really fair to women , so here's a new piece.
My prison experience was 33 years ago, but sorry to say, nothing has changed for the better. I hope we can turn that around.
On femicide Écoutez maintenant (9 min) | Important article by Karen Ingala Smith in today's Observer. I talk about the issues she raises + the wider implications of…
On the recent cover referring to women as “bodies with vaginas”
Walking talking audio podcastListen now (32 min) | This is a 30 minute talk, unplanned and free form, on everything that came into my head whilst out on a hike this morning in the…
or how I learned never to trust "authority"
Desperately concerned at what is going on here
I wrote this in response to letters in the Irish Times about the removal of the words “women” and “mother” from seven Acts of Irish legislation…
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